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#1 Why

Without any doubt, I can tell people in the world are all different, using so many kinds of languages and characters. However, there are 10 simple characters most of the people can understand in a second - Numbers.

#2 Process

To make this video, I wanted to test out a new process; Figma - XD - After Effects. Since the component system in Figma is really powerful in making design system and UI components, I thought it could be also used in making motion graphic video. After that, I migrated all the files into XD with SVG (this pipeline might have been better using AEUX) to safely integrate them into After Effects. As a result, the test with these tools were successful. It took me less than 40 hours from brainstorming to the final output.

#3 Outro

The main purpose of this project was simple - making an easily-understandable motion video, which led me to interpret the world's most common language into motion. I hope most of you enjoyed it no matter where you came from.
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